Meet the rewards program of the future

loyalBe's frictionless and near-instant cash back offers are key to staying top of wallet whilst increasing customer retention in today's hyper-competitive environment.

Access a plethora of merchant offers, both in-store and online via our easy to integrate API

loyalBe uniquely publishes offers from local, national and international brands straight to your users. Our technology allows for omni-channel campaigns, guaranteeing your users are rewarded where ever they spend.

It's a no-brainer

Partnering with loyalBe to power your rewards program brings a seamless and delightful experience directly to your users. Leverage our technology and merchant partners with one quick & seamless integration into your product or service.

Easy to integrate

Enjoy a straightforward integration with our lightweight APIs and SDK (coming soon)

In-store and online offers

We publish offers which can be redeemed both in-store and online, from both local, national and international brands

Frictionless experience

Using our technology, users simply earn cash back rewards when they pay by debit card*

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Users love us and they'll love you too

5 / 5

Really easy to use, activate your account and link a bank account then all you have to do is use your card as normal and gain rewards from it.

5 / 5

I would definitely recommend using this app for simple rewards. It’s basically free money! 😊

Jeremy Freeman
5 / 5

Such a great app! You can link multiple cards which automatically records your loyalty points every time you use them!


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