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How it works

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Download the loyalBe app and create an account in minutes! ⏱

Link your bank

Securely link your bank account, shop with your bank card and we can reward you for spending, automatically.

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Earn rewards

Build up your rewards and redeem them for gift cards, charity donations and more! 🥳

See what our users are saying

Really easy to use, activate your account and link a bank account then all you have to do is use your card as normal and gain rewards from it.


Brilliant app for loyalty in stores and earning points for vouchers! So easy to use.


Such a great app! You can link multiple cards which automatically records your loyalty points every time you use them!


I would definitely recommend using this app for simple rewards. It’s basically free money! 😊

Jeremy Freeman

What a brilliant app. I was quite dubious initially, but it's really easy to setup. It has a lot of the shops that I normally shop in so I have built up a lot of points quickly.

Karan Letten
4.7App Store Rating
4.7Rated Excellent on TrustPilot

Security and privacy matters

That’s why we use industry leading security practices to ensure your data is safe.

We don't sell individual data

We take your right to privacy very seriously and will never share personal information without explicit consent, e.g. choosing to sharing your profile with your favourite retailer.

We don't store your login details

loyalBe doesn't store any bank login information whatsoever. We use secure Open Banking technology used by over 5m people in the UK to link to your bank account. We cannot make payments or view your bank balance, ever. Find out more.

loyalBe is secure

We use bank-level security (256-bit encryption) to ensure your information is safe and secure and is encrypted with both hardware and software encryption.

We've partnered with the best

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Ready to start earning basically free cash?

Your favourite brands choose to give you cashback when you spend, instead of spending it on old-school advertising. It's win-win!

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