It will take you approximately 10 minutes to sign up to loyalBe and create your merchant profile. Once we verify your account, we can usually have you live in 1-2 working days. We will then send you an onboarding pack which will let your customers know you’re using loyalBe.
No, loyalBe works by connecting to customers' bank accounts, which they link with the app when they sign up. When they make a purchase in-store, we can automatically pick that up and award them for their spend - it’s like magic!
Yes, we will send you an onboarding pack when you sign up and subscribe. The onboarding pack includes window stickers, A5 Stands for your Point of Sale and leaflets to hand out to customers.
Staff training needs are very minimal. However, staff will need to know you are now using the loyalBe system and how to process reward redemptions.
We offer two types of loyalty schemes; Cashback and Digital Loyalty Card. The Cashback scheme allows you to set an ongoing cashback rate which your customers will always earn when they spend with you (earned as loyalBe Points). These points are earned across all Cashback merchants and can be redeemed for direct cashback and gift vouchers. The Digital Loyalty Card scheme lets you set a reward for customers who reach a target spend with you (cumulatively). These points and rewards are unique to your business.
Once a customer has spent enough money with you to earn a reward, the appropriate reward will appear in their app. Customers simply tap ‘Redeem Reward’ via the app and show the countdown timer screen to a member of your staff. You can choose to ask staff to record this in your EPOS system. After 15 minutes, the reward will automatically disappear from the app. Customers points will be reset and they will be on their way to earning their next reward!
Customers who earn loyalBe Points via Cashback can redeem their accrued points for direct cashback, gift cards or charity donations once they have earned a certain amount of points. These points are earned across all Cashback merchants.
We will provide you with an onboarding pack which includes marketing materials. We recommend you hand out leaflets to your regular customers to let them know you’re now using loyalBe. If you run out of materials, you can request additional items from the dashboard.
Yes, you can offer a reward to customers for joining your loyalty scheme. This is often a great incentive for them to join your scheme and means you can begin engaging with these customers right away. Typical incentives include a free coffee or a discount on a popular product.
We charge a monthly fee for our Digital Loyalty Card solution and we charge commission on any rewards earned on our Cashback solution (along with a base monthly subscription and the rewards themselves).
Yes, you can use the loyalBe Dashboard to send bespoke rewards to only your most loyal customers.
No, we cannot reward customers who choose to pay with cash. However, more and more customers are choosing to pay by card as it’s often more convenient. There are benefits to you for attracting more card usage, including increased security, less cash-handling fees and, in some cases attracting more customers.